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57th & 6th Opening
KK Line
With the opening of the 57th & 6th Ave station, the KK was born.
59th St Lexington Express Station Opening day flyer and photo.
6th Ave Express Tracks Part of the Chrystie/6th/57th connections between the BMT and IND was the express tracks. Ground was broken on April 19, 1961.
63rd St Shuttle Due to extensive track work in the 63rd St Tunnel, the TA ran a single track shuttle between 21 St Queensbridge and Manhattan. Here is the schedule flyer. (400K of GIF files in page)
1939 World's Fair IRT The mini travel guide published by the IRT for the 1939 World's Fair.
2001 Service Plans. Sent to the JoeKorNer by Irwin Markowitz. Thanks. 63 ST CONNECTION
Automated Train Press information for the testing on the Sea Beach line prior to the Shuttle train
This is the press information given out at a test of the automated train being tested on the Sea Beach line in October 1960. Later an automated train debuted on the GC-TS shuttle on track 4. That trains was later lost in a fire.
Board of Transportation - 1951 Plan Description of the 1951 proposals from the Board of Transportation.
Brighton Skip Stop In 1964 the TA was in the middle of a service expansion that ended in 1967 with the opening of the Chrystie St Connection. The Newkirk Ave station of the Brighton line needed to be extended for 10 car trains. To do this, the TA operated skip stop services on the Brighton Line.
Brooklyn Trolleys - 1937
Prior to January 10, 1937, the trolleys in downtown Brooklyn had multiple terminals (perhaps some in Manhattan's Park Row). After that date each line was given one terminal and this brochure explains the changes.
BMT-IND Construction Changes-1986

The four Detailed Brochures - one for each set of lines
In 1986, the Brighton Line tracks needed rebuilding, the Manhattan Bridge was (still) undergoing major rehabilitation, and the West End el was dus for major structural work. In order to do all of this, the TA implemented series of service changes to allow for the work. Here is a series of brochures describing the changes.
Chrystie St. Proposed Improvments TA Public affairs Office doucmenting the proposed changes. Although not dated, it must must have been issued with a month or two of November 1967.
Chrystie Street Original Chrystie St service brochure.
Dekalb Ave Escalators 1961 Also a part of the Dekalb-Manhattan Bridge-Chrystie St project, the Myrtle Ave station was closed to make room for switch changes. To help the passengers, the DeKalb Ave platforms were extended to 10 cars and a escalators were added to the entrance at Willoughby St.
Fare Change Information - 2003 Double sided card distributed before the May 2003 fare increase.
IRT 1965 Service Prior to April 1965, the IRT mid day service had the #3 operating to New Lots and the #2 to Flatbush. This brochure shows the service change making the #3 go to flatbush and the #2 full time to New Lots.
Jamaica Skip Stop Schedule and introduction of #14 and #15 Skip stop service still in use in 1998 as the J/Z skip stop.
Lenox Ave Rehab The Lenox Ave Tunnel between 96th St and 116th St is almost 100 years old. It has always had a water leakage problem due to a stream in the area. Between March and October 1998, the TA rebuilt the subway structure one track at a time. During this period, #2 and #3 trains will be rerouted or operate on the one track that is available. Here is the flyer that the TA published showing the details and the schedule.
Manhattan Bridge 1985 1985 brochure describing the Manhattan Bridge changes that would be undone until 2004. Thanks to a friend of the JoeKorNer for the scans.
Manhattan Bridge - 2001 2001 the new W train replaces the B. The D is replaced by the Q and the Q is replaced by the <Q>
Manhattan Bridge - 2004 2004 the new new W, B, and D. All four tracks on the bridge opened 2/22/2004
METROCARD BUS-VAN Sample of the MC bus schedule
METROCARD Vending Machines Purchase Metrocards with your Mastercard

Beginning on July 4, 1998 the MTA NYCT will offer Unlimited rides.

MTA 1968 Program for Action

Status - Dec 1968
Status - Aug 1969
Status @ 2 Years - Mar 1970
In 1968, the MTA had just been formed and was tasked with improving public transportation in the New York City area. To accomplish this, many plans that were previously proposed were combined, mixed, improved and published in a report entitled:

- a program for action
Here is the complete report. and follow up status reports
Myrtle Ave El
Myrtle Ave El General Order
Closing of the Myrtle Ave el. 'Improving it with bus service'
The General Order describes the details needed to lock the swtiches, shut off the power and other things to be done after the last train operated over the line.
New Technology Trains 1992 brochure introducing the R-110A and R-110B New Technology Trains.
New York Central Employee Manners Scanned by Matt Taylor $6 on eBay!
PCC Car Brochure
In 1936, the PCC car made their debut in Brooklyn. Here is a scan of a reprint of the brochure given out that day.
Passenger Operated Door In 1957, the TA introduced the first GM buses that had passenger operated rear doors. Here is the brochure showing the public how it works.
Park Ave South Kiosks The original IRT patterened the street entrances like the entrances to the Budapest subway. By 1964, they were considered obsolete and were to be replaced.
Sea Beach Opening
The BMT subway opened in 1915 with through service to Chambers St via 4th Ave.
State of the Art Car Federal government UMTA effort to help mass transit make a comeback in the late 60's early 1970's. The cars are in a museum today.
Stop Vandalism on the Subway Issued by the TA to employees 11/1999
The Electric Bus Copy of bruchure describing the Electric Buses introduced on Courtelyou Rd, Brooklyn
What's the K train? Mid-1980's Brochure changing the BMT/IND services to single letters and replacing the AA with the K.
Stillwell Rebuilding Between September 2002 and 2005 the Stillwell Ave terminal in Coney Island is closed for a complete rebuilding. Here is the notice.
The Train to the Plane 1978 flyer for the famous train (and bus) to the Plane service.
Where else but New York could you have taken an R-46 (cracked trucks) to a Grumman Flxible (cracked A frame) to a DC 10 (cracked pylon supports). Was it all it was cracked up to be?
The V Train December 17, 2001 was the first day of the V train. The F train began using the 63rd Connector 24/7 on the day before.
Waugh Equipment Company 1931 advertisment from a supplier of equipment for the R-1 cars.
Williamsburg Bridge The Williamsburg Bridge approaches for the elevated J (Z) and M lines is being reconstucted by the NYC DOT. No service over the bridge from May 1 to October 1999. Here is the brochure.
Watermain Break! December 1962
The Transit Magazine articles are now in a new directory.

Other Lines

Corn Exchange Bank Rail Maps An interesting reprint of a folder from the Corn Exchange Bank. See my comments on the header page.
GE - Balanced Transportation - 1966 A speech by Norman W. Seip, Manager of Transportation Equipment Projects for GE. See the Introduction:

At the time, there were only six cities that had operating rapid transit systems in North America: NYC (2 systems - NY Subway & PATH), Philadelphia, Boston. Cleveland, and Chicago, & Toronto, Canada.
Hudson and Manhattan - PATH All of H&M and PATH brochures and panphlets have been moved to a separate page.
NJT-Introduction to M&E Service - 1984 In 1930 the Delaware Lackawnna & Western railroad installed a 3000 volt DC system to power electic MU cars for three commuter lines from Hoboken to Dover, Gladstone, and Montclair. In 1984, after various commuter lines in New Jersey were taken over by NJT, the electical system was replaced with 25,000 Volt AC and Arrow III cars.

The first is the brochure explaining the overall changes to the lines, including a brief history, the newer cars, and fare options.

The second one is a listing of stations on the line, including addresses, parking rates, and rules.
M&E Station Guide - 1984
PRR Guide to Philadelphia From a friend of the JoeKorNer, a 1955 Guide to Philadelphia published by the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Stock Certificates

Brooklyn and Brighton Beach Railroad Company $1000 Gold Bond
Principal due 1946.
Interest payable in May & November each year.
Columbus and 9th Ave Railroad $1000 Gold Bond
Principal due 1993
Interest payable March & September each year.
23rd St Railway $1000 Gold Bond
Principal due 1962
Interest payable January & July each year
Broadway Surface Railroad $1000 Mortgage Bond
Issued 1885
Redeemable July 1, 1905
New York Railways Preferred Stock issued 1927
Bus Stock Certificates Single page certificates from Fifth Ave Bus, NYC Omnibus, and Central Bus Companies


New York City Subway Timetables

Fulton St. Timetable This is a sample of timetables that the Board of Transportation. After looking at it again, I'm not sure what to make of it. It clearly is for the Fulton St service from Grant, Pennsylvania and Van Siclen stations, but show service to Bridge-Jay St. That means it went via Broadway and Lexington Ave els. However, the logo on the front page is TA, not BofT. This seems like an anachronism. The Lex stopped operating in 1950. The timetable seems to be the Myrtle line from B-J to Metropolitan Ave. Anyone have an explanation?
Rockaway Line Timetable The Transit Authority took over the LIRR Rockaway Branch and opened it on June 28, 1956. However a new station was needed at Mott Ave in Far Rockaway, which opened on January 16, 1958. This timetable was issued when the last stop was Wavecrest.
Midnight Service Timetables A group of timetables for various lines from the 1950s.
The Atlantic Ave timetable is for the Brighton, Fulton, and Canarsie stations.
Myrtle Ave station from the Manhattan Bridge
Myrtle Ave Line
Fulton St Line

A series of timetables issued in 1977 for various subway lines. Unlike modern timetables, this showed the departure time of every train. The user needed to then add the running time from the timeline at the top to find the time the train arrives at their origin. Then they would add the running time to the destination.

D Train - 1977 The D train was local from Stillwell Ave week nights and weekends. It operated from Brighton Beach as an express weekdays.
E Train - 1977 The E train operated local between 179th St and Continental Ave, express on Queens Blvd and 8th Ave local to Chambers St.
1 Train - 1977 The #1 had about half of the mid-day trains short turn at 137th St. As a result using the timetable was more difficult for southbound passengers:

Southbound trains from 96th St south are out of order. Passengers boarding at stations south of 96th must do two calculations to determine the next train.
For example:
the 10:01am depatrure from 242nd St arrives at 96th at 10:27am
the next train in the table is the 10:07am from 137th St, arrives at 10:16am
and continues to be ahead of the train behind it in the list.

6 Train - 1977 The 6 train operates between Pelham Bay Park and Brooklyn Bridge on the east side Lexington local. During the day, express train use the middle track between E.177th and 3rd Ave in the Bronx.

Railroad Timetables

Comparative Time-Table - 250K

Comparative Time-Table- 1MB
Before the four US time zones were created, each city had its own standard time.Each railroad used the local time of its market, or the time used in its main headquaters. This presented many problems for the lines that spanned many miles east to west. In the reprint of the June 1868 Official Railway Guide a Comparative Time-Table was provided showing the local time when it was noon in Washington, DC.
Two sizes of the scan are provided, 250K and 1MB


AMTRAK 1971 Timetables AMTRAK took control of the nation's passenger trains on May 1, 1971. By July, there were enough changes that a second timetable was published.

The first Northeast Corridor timetable was issued around the same time.


Pennsylvania Railroad July 1967 The Pennsylvania Railroad operated passenger trains with name like the Broadway Limited and Spirit of St. Louis as well as the Clockers
NYC 1967 Timetables A mere shadow of what it was, the New York Central had been in direct competition with the PRR for many years. This November 1967 may have been the last before the merger. It includes the 20th Century Limited, the James Whitcomb Reiley, and the Wolverine
Penn Central (NYC service) Penn Central was created on February 1, 1968. Here is the April 28, 1968 Penn Central timetable for former NYC trains. None of the trains were named, except for the James Whitcomb Reiley. The 20th Century Limited had run its last Decembere 2-3, 1967, arriving in Chicago almost 10 hours late.
New Haven Timetable May 12, 1968 This is the last timetable issued by the New Haven before it was brought into Penn Central.
The NYNH&H, for a relativly short railroad, had a large share of named trains: The Mayflower, Merchants Limited, The Nathan Hale, and Connecticut Yankee. In addtion, many of the trains were through routed via the Hell Gate Bridge to Washington via the PRR. Many carried parlor cars, some carried sleepers.
Because all of the NY and Boston commuter service were included, the timetable is 32 pages.
Atlantic City - PRSL Before AMTRAK and New Jersey Transit, Atlantic City was served by the Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines. The timetable also mentions the pre-PATCO Ben Franklin Bridge line between Phialdelphia and Camden, NJ

DL&W, Erie, ELRR and CRRNJ

Lackawanna Railroad September 5, 1960 The Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western Railroad operated long distant trains between New York and Buffalo. From there trains used connecting trains to take passengers to Toronto and Chicago. Some trains were the Phoebe Snow, The Twilight, and the Owl. The DL&W merged with the Erie Railroad on October 17, 1960.
Erie April 24, 1960 The other half of the E-L, the Erie also operated trains between Hoboken and Chicago: Erie Limited, Lake Cities, and the paired Atlantic and Pacific Expresses.
Erie Lackawanna Timetables For a number of years after the merger, both the Lake Cities and Phoebe Snow continued to operate between New York and Chicago. This is the last timetable I have showin the Phoebe Snow, which was discontinued in November 1966. The Lake Cities took some of the equipment and continued until 1970.
Here is one of the Phoebe Snow observation cars on the LIRR after it was sold to the MTA.
M&E Timetable -1984 Along with the 1984 brochures above, a new timetable was published with the New Jewrsey Transit improvements to the M&E commuter lines from Hoboken to Dover, Montclair, and Gladstone.
CRRNJ Mainline
CRRNJ Pennsylvania
CRRNJ at 125 Years
The Central Railroad of New Jersey had a train to ferry terminal in Jersey City. The area is now Liberty State Park and the Liberty Science Center.
There were three main services from there, the mainline via Raritan to Hampton, The North Jersey Coast, and Allentown and Philadelphia PA.

Pacific Northwest Lines

CB&Q Timetable Chicago Burlington & Qunicy 1965 system timetable. Including the California Zephyr, Denver Zephyr and Chicago access for the Empire Builder and North Coast Limited.
Great Northern Timetables Great Northern Twin Cities to the Pacific Northwest
Empire Builder and Western Star
Northern Pacific Oct 1965 Nothern Pacific Twin Cities to the Pacific Northwest
Northcoast Limited and Mainstreeter
Union Pacific Timetables - Oct 27, 1968 Union Pacific Railroad October 1968 timetable, including the City of LA, City of SF, Challenger, and City of Portland.
Missouri Pacific Timetable - June 1960 Missouri Pacific June 1960
Texas Eagle and service between St. Louis and Mexico and New Orleans, and Los Angeles.

Other Railroads

ATSF-1965 Timetable The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway System 1965 timetable, including the Super Chief, El Capitan, SF Chief, and Grand Canyon.
Boston and Maine Timetable Commuter trains from Boston's North Station. At the time, all service was with Budd RDC equipment.

B&M RDC at Lowell, MA 1973
Chicago, North shore & Milwaukee Timetable The Route of the Electroliners January 1, 1956
Delaware and Hudson The Delaware and Hudson operated trains between Albany, NY and Montreal, Quebec. The trains were the Montreal Limited and the Laurentian. Through cars were operated with the New York Central from Grand Central Terminal.
Illinois Central Timetable - 1967

Illinois Central City of Brochures
The City of New Orleans and City of Miami, among others.
Kansas City Southern - Nov 1, 1964 Route of the Southern Belle
NYO&W Official Guide Pages The New York, Ontario, and Western was best known for its service from New York to the Catskill Mountain resorts. These pages were scanned from the 1948, 1950, and 1955 Official Guides. By the last, there was only freight service and the line was abandoned in 1957.
Southern Railway Timetable Dec. 1967 The Souther Railway was one of a few that stayed out of AMTRAK in 1971. This Timetable has The Crescent, The Southerner, and The City of Miami. The last was in conjuction with the Illinois Central, Central of Georgia, and the Seaboard Coast Line.

Florida Lines

Atlantic Coast Line Timetables April 30 to June 22, 1967 The Atlantic Coast Line was the other half of the lines that merged to form the SCL railroad. The classic trains were Gulf Coast Special, East and West Coast Champions, and the Palmetto.
RF&P Timetables effective October 28, 1962 The Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Patomac was the bridge railroad between Washington, DC and the lines to Florida. I carried the Silver Star, East and West Coast Champions, and the Havana Special.
FEC Timetable April 25, 1960 The Florida East Coast Railroad, as the name implies hugs the Florida east coast. At one time, it actually operated all the way to Key West. Much of the right of way of US 1 is built on the alignment of the FEC railroad.Through trains from NY and Chicago were the City of Miami, East Coast Chamion, and the Havana Speial. Some interesting pages about freight car ferry servcie and cruises from ports to Havana are in this timetable.
SAL Timetables April 30, 1967 The Seaboard Airline Railroad was one of two lines that later merged into the Seaboard Coastline Railroad. it operated trains like the Silver Meteor, Sunland, and the Tidewater. between the NE and various cities in Florida and Georgia.
SCL Timetables December 15, 1967 The merger of the Atlantic Coast Line and the Seaboard Airline Railroads became the Seaboard Coast Line Railroad on July 1, 1967.
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