Here is a list of the subway cars built by and for the old BMT subway. BMT stood for the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corporation which operated all of the lines now called the BMT OR B1 Division of the NYCTA.

There were two main types of cars ordered through the years by the BMT. Most of the cars (950) came to be known as the BMT Standards. The remaining cars were articulated, that is each two car bodies shared one truck at one end.

Like this:

Link to all of the BMT pre-WWII fleet from the New York Subways Resources Web pages.

2000-2099 100 A AC&F 1914 BMT Standard
B Type on Brighton Line
2100-2199 100 A AC&F 1915
2200-2299 100 A AC&F 1916
2300-2399 100 A AC&F 1917
2400-2499 100 BT AC&F 1918
2500-2599 100 A AC&F 1919
2600-2699 100 A PrSt 1920
2700-2799 100 A PrSt 1921
2800-2899 100 A PrSt 1922
Total Standard motor cars: 900      
4000-4044 45 B PrSt 1924
4045-4049 5 AX
Total Standard trailer cars: 50      
Total Standard cars 950      
6000-6003 ABC 4 D PrSt 1925 BMT D Type
D Type on Brighton Line
6004-6070 ABC 67 D PrSt 1927
6071-6120 ABC 50 D PrSt 1928
Total D-Types: 121      
7003 A,B,C,B1,A1 1 MS PSCo 1934 Green Hornet
all with A,B,C,B1,A1 designations
10 MS StL 1934 BMT Multi
7014-7028 15 MS PSCo 1934
Total Multi types: 26      
7029 1 MS Budd 1934 BMT Zephyr
8000 A,B,A1 1 CC Clark 1938 BMT Blue Bird
8001-8005 A,B,A1 5 CC Clark 1940
Total Clark Cars 6      
2900-2924 25 SIRT Motors StStl 1925
1953 (to BMT)
SIRT Cars on BMT
2925-2929 5 SIRT Trailers StStl Trailers were never used in service
Total SIRT Cars 30        
Total BMT Cars 1135        

Car Type key:

Further clarification of the Standard cars types and some corrections from William Zucker:

On the A/B Standards, there is some question about the letter designations. All ACF cars were delivered as singles, and so were technically A-Type cars, although not so designated, as all were single cars. The modifications for MUDC operation and unitization began in 1919-20. Thus, the latter portion of the Pressed Steel cars were always unitized as in later years.
2400-1 through 2498-9 were originally 2 car units (prior to delivery of the 50 trailers), and were designated as BT units exactly as in later years, Following rebuilding, most (not all) of these newly constituted units were equipped with link bars instead of couplers,
When the trailers were delivered and the BX units were formed, 4045-4049 remained as control trailers, designated AX cars, This was a temporary arrangement, and a few years later were placed into the remaining BT units, forming BX's as with the other trailers.
When units were originally formed, cars 2399 and 2500 were removed of the roster, there being no place for them, and remained as used for various non-revenue purposes, They were revived for passenger service following the first wreck in 1953
The ex-Staten Island cars did not appear in BMT service until late 1955 (after the service was cut back to Ditmas Ave.). The trailers 2925-2929 were never used in passenger service; but only in non-revenue service. Some were yard sheds, Only the first one, 2925 was a renumbering; the others retained their original SIRT numbers.

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BMT Elevated Lines

In addition to the subway cars above, the BMT had many elevated cars that were used from 1880's to 1969. Like the IRT most of the early cars were pulled by steam engine (this is actually an IRT el train). After 1900 many of the cars were converted to electric operation, but kept their end gates. By the 1930's, many of the cars were enclosed with automatic doors.

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All photos are from the MTA New York City Transit archives. These GIF files were scanned from offset press prints, thus the quality of the reproduction varies with your monitor and video card capabilities.