New York Rail and Transit Answers

This quiz was originally sent to me as e-mail from Mike Tenenbaum. As it turns out Mike and I were classmates in Brooklyn Tech in 1966, but didn't know each other then (but that's another story). It also turns out that Mike is a railfan and we have a number of mutual friends both in and out of railroading.

The answers to this quiz will be forwarded to Mike for grading, then I'll post the high scorer on the main JoeKorNer index page. All of the scores will be kept on the The Quiz Page. Each question is worth 4 points.

1. ___ Junction is the old intersection between the LIRR mainline to Penn Station and the Rockaway Division. White Pot
2. ____ Wye is the location south of Broad Channel where the Rockaway Line divides to two lines. Hammels
3. ____ Station is the intersection of the Bay Ridge Division and the SB Ry. Parkville
4. The ____ Line is the only line where fares were reguarly collected by the NYCTA on the trains. Formerly Dyre Ave (When OPTO started, fare collection stopped)
5. The ______ station (SIRT) contained the smallest high level platform in the world. Wentworth Ave on South Beach branch
6. The ____ transit yard contains a car float dock. 207th and 148th
7. One could board a bus to _______ Point from the Stillwell Ave. station. Norton's
8. Broad Channel and The ____ were railroad stations within Jamaica Bay. Raunt (see a Don Harold photo)
9. The ____ Tunnel is the only four track subaqueous tunnel in the NYCTA. Lexington Ave 4, 5, & 6. 63rd St was built for 4 tracks (2 lower level for LIRR), but only the TA level is in use.
10. The longest elevator shaft in the NYCTA is located at ______. 370 Jay Street, of course! (This was Mike's answer).
11. The rail interface between the national rail network and the NYCTA is at _____. Originally at Parkville from LIRR via South Brooklyn. Now at Linden Yard and Canarsie and Livonia Lines. The IRT Dyre Av line connects with the Conrail (NYNH&H) line at E180th St.(This connection may be cut now).
12. The original name for the tunnel connecting the Flushing Line with 42 Street is the _________Tunnel. Steinway
13. Besides the Rockaway Line, which other NYCTA line(s) were, at one time, owned by the LIRR? According to Seyfried, Austin Corbin was like a son to Andrew Culver who sold him, i.e., the LIRR, the PP&CI just before he (Culver) died
14. For Lo-V and later rolling stock, to what does the specification "SPC" refer? Sprague Pneumatic Control, a Rube Goldberg-ish contraption for controlling the throttles in MUs.
15. What was the designation for the only regularly scheduled, seasonal train to run on the Sea Beach express tracks? Sunny Summer Sunday Special (SSSS) also called the Bullseye Express for the '0' on the fromt of the trains.
16. What was the designation for the only regularly scheduled, non-seasonal train to run on the Sea Beach express tracks? NX - Broadway-Sea Beach-Brighton Beach Rush hour service.
17. _______was chief engineer of the Public Service Commission for the First District (this was in the days when the PSC actually performed a public service). THE engineer, Robert T. Ridgeway, whose signature appears on more ROW drawings than any other person. Ridgeway was responsible for the design and construction of the Dual Contracts and parts of the IND. Today, the ASCE awards the Ridgeway medal in his memory.
18. ____ was the NYCTA chief engineer who died on a subway station. Nathan D. Brodkin, the designer of the Chrystie Street subway and Steinway cutoff, died on the Jay Street platform.
19. ____ was the first director of Special Inspections for the IRT Co. H. F. Beakie
20. ____ called the then-mayor "Mayor Linsley." Mike Quill
21.Which champion bicyclist raced a LIRR train? 'Mile-a-Minute' Murphy
22. _____ Place in Brooklyn was named for a LIRR president. Corbin Place, which was the ROW of the Manhattan Beach Railroad
Stations and Electrification
23. What is the name of the SIRT stop named for a Proctor and Gamble product? Port Ivory
24.What was unique about the Lackawanna's catenary system of overhead power? 3000 Volts DC
25. Which LIRR branch was abandoned four years after it was electrified? Whitestone

Extra Credit: Name some non class I railroads which served the Brooklyn waterfront (1 point each). Bush Terminal
Brooklyn Eastern District (BEDT)
South Brooklyn (SBK)
Bay Ridge Branch and NY Connecting (part of LIRR)
Jay Street Connecting RR
NY Dock Ry