How the PhotoKorNer Works

The PhotoKorNer @ the JoeKorNer has been operational since 2004. It is based on a CGI PERL script that contains a list of photos and captions and lists them randomly every ten minutes. The visitor may view the photo in a new larger window by clicking on the photo. A new photo may be displayed by reloading the frame or clicking on the new photo link.

In its original form, the full photo was displayed in a new window as a plain URL. I was not happy with that and wanted to improve the way it appears. I had thought that a second CGI script would be the key. By passing the file name and caption to a new script, I thought I could build a full size document.
After two weeks of searching various sources, I concluded that what I wanted was possible, but I couldn't understand the method.
Finally, I found a reference that showed me how to pass varibles into a regular web page! it's so simple that it's scary. Though the direct instructions didn't seem to work, using the split keyword in Javascript. However it gave me a clue as to how to do it. If a ? is in the URL, the file will load, but ignore the stuff after the ?.
Here are the remaining steps:

  1. Using Javascript, set a variable to the value of the whole URL using the location.href key word.
  2. ? separates the document from the photo URL.
  3. ^ separates the photo URL from the caption.
  4. Use the indexOf and lastIndexOf key words to find the ? and the / for the beginning of the photo's URL and end of the directory that it is in.
  5. Use the indexOf to find the position of the ^ that begins the caption
  6. Use the For and If-Else to find the annoying %20 that replace spaces in the URL. For example:
    needs to be changed to
    West End W train at Ninth Ave
  7. Add the H1 tag around the whole page. including the short file name, the IMG tag around the URL of the photo, and the converted caption into the whole package.
  8. In the CGI script change the HREF in the A tag to the blank document and concatenate the ? with the url of the photo and the ^ with the caption.

Then I went to town with it on other types of displays. The Dining Car Menus now are sized to a maximum of about 1000 pixels wide, the Don Harold photos are displayed slightly larger than the scanned size, a number of other drawings are also expanded. All with this same method.

On 8/25/06, I added a way to deactivate the PhotoKorNer (though I can't figure out why anyone would do that!)

Friday August 25, 2006
Copyright © 2006 by Joseph D. Korman