Trackless Trolleys (aka Trolley Coaches, Electric Buses) operated in Brooklyn from 1930 to 1960. The coaches operated on seven routes and were serviced in two depots.

Routes, Maps and Dates Operated

Scan of the 1965 TA document
23 Cortelyou Road Route Map 1930 to 1952
and 1954 to 1956

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Before 1932, the section of today's Cortelyou Road between Flatbush and Coney Is. Ave was Ave C. There was a discontinuity at CI Ave to jog north a block to today's Ave C. Thus the trolley was Ave C. By the time the trackless trolley was placed in service that section was renamed Cortelyou Road.

45 St. Johns Place Route Map 1948 to 1950
and 1954 to 1959
47 Tompkins Avenue Route Map 1948 to 1960
48 Lorimer Street Route Map 1949 to 1960
(9/49 to 4/50 buses temporarily replaced the coaches because of street repairs)
57 Flushing Avenue Route Map 1949 to 1960
62 Graham Avenue Route Map 1949 to 1960
65 Bergen Street Route Map 1948 to 1960

Routes proposed after WWII but never implemented.

Wire Map
Trackless Trolley Coach Diagram and Specs
Brooklyn Cortelyou Trolley Coach
Ohio Brass Advertisment
Trackless Trolley Photos
Bahn Layout of the Trackless System
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The two depots used by the coaches were CROSSTOWN DEPOT located at Commercial and Box Streets and the BERGEN STREET DEPOT at Bergen Street near Kingston Ave. Both of these facilities are still being used by the NYCTA. CROSSTOWN is used to do major repairs to diesel buses and BERGEN St is the garage for Rapid Transit's fleet of Maintenance of Way trucks and vehicles.

Roster of Trolley Coaches

1000 1930 - 1948 40 AmCar&Fndy
1001 1930 - 1948 40 Twin Coach
1002-7 1932 - 1948 40 Pullman
3000-3199 1948 - 1960 43 St.Louis

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