MTA Program For Action

In 1968, the MTA had just been formed and was tasked with improving public transportation in the New York City area. To accomplish this, many plans that were previously proposed were combined, mixed, improved and published in a report entitled:


- a program for action

Here are some of the interesting pages:

Overall plans for Manhattan and The Bronx. Details showing:
  • Second Ave Line
  • Connections to Dyre and Pelham
  • Connections from Queens
  • 63rd St
  • EL-PRR junction in NJ
Lower Manhattan detail showing:
  • 63rd St connections to LIRR and Second Ave
  • MTA Transportation Center
  • 57th and 48th St distirbution systems
  • El into Penn Station
  • LIRR Brooklyn via Manhattan Bridge to Nassau St Manhattan
Brooklyn and Queens Plans:
  • Super Express By-pass
  • LIE extension
  • Archer Ave
  • Springfield Blvd subway line
  • Flatbush Ave extension to Kings Plaza
  • New Lots Ave Extension to Flatlands Ave
  • Rebuilding Rogers Ave Junction (split between New Lots and Flatbush IRT Lines

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Pages and maps scanned from MTA publication aProgram for Action - 1968