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The background image is a scan of a PRR dining car of the 1940 South Wind taken from the Wayner Publications book Car Names Numbers and Consists - 1972

Select Menu Comments
Lunch Menu Early AMTRAK Lunch menu
Beverage Menu Beverages anyone?
AMTRAK Turbo Service Dinner Menu
BN-AMTRAK Lunch BN menu overstamped with AMTRAK Lunch menu. The cover scan is opened to show the full picture from the front and back of the menu.
AMTRAK-Kids' Three meals in one menu. No date, but hambergers were $1.35!
B&&OB&O-C&O Chessie
B&O Tavern Chessie Tavern
Capitol Limited Breakfast
Capitol Limited Dinner MENU
Menus from the B&O top train.

The date on the drawing of Grand Central Station, Chicago shows the dates as 1890-1969, so this menu is between 1969 and 1971, with the start of AMTRAK.
B&O - C&O MENU General dinner menu
B&O Children MENU Foldout menu for young passengers
California Zehpyr
The California Zehpyr - One of the first trains to sport stainless steel dome cars. It was operated by three roads, Burlington, Rio Grande, and Western Pacific between Chicago and Oakland (SF). There were through cars from NY City via both the PRR and NY Central. Here are a number of menus from that train.
CZ - Cable Car Room From the sandwich and snak car.
CZ - Lunch One page lunch menu
CZ Dinner MENU
CZ Dinner MENU
Two different full dinner menus - from 1969
California Zephyr Dinner Full dinner menu - 1961
Chicago Burlington and Quincy
CB&Q Breakfast Breakfast menu from the CB&Q Railroad
Canadian Pacific ASME Special
CP ASME Special Dinner menu from a American Society of Mechanical Engineers train through the Rockies July 1926
Denver Zehpyr
Denver Zephyr 1970 Dinner menu
DZ Chuck Wagon 1970 Chuck Wagon menu
City Of Miami
Palm Grove Cafe Palm Grove Cafe - Breakfast
Dinner Dinner on the COM
Denver & Rio Grande Western
D&RGW Breakfast Breakfast - 1975
D&GW Dinner Dinner - 1975
The Milwaukee Road
Milwaukee Road - Lounge & Buffet Route of the Hiawathas
The New York, New Haven & Hartford
Dinner Dated 1968, probably one of the last issued before Penn Central
Breakfast Three menus from the New York, New Haven, and Hartford dated February 1962. All three share the same cover photo (with different titles), back cover and other pages. Then each has a unique center with the actual menu.
Grill Car
Cafe Dining Car
{short description of image}The New York Central System
20th Century Limited Lunch menu Dated 1941
Grand Central Menu WWII era, but undated. Please read the back page.
Empire State Express at West Point 1943 WWII Menu Service personnel in uniform got a 10 cent discount on 50 cent meals.
NYC 1964 World's Fair See the Unisphere
NYC Boston Menu Handwritten note 2/5/1941
NYC Thrift Grill Menu Assortment of grilled Economy meals - 11/1955
NYC 20th Century Ltd Dinner menu that may have been used on the 20th Century Limited from about 1965 or so.
NYC Wayne University 250th birthday for Detroit Mich. The interior page of the menu is upside down compared to the covers.
PRRPennsylvania Railroad
PRR Trailblazer Dinner menu for 1939 World's Fair
PRR Sample Menu Small size what may be a promotion for dinning car service.
PRR Breakfast Menu Breakfast menu advertising the premier train of the PRR.
PRRPenn Central
Penn Central - Dinner - 1969 Dinner Menu from the Penn Central dated 7/1/1969
ACL - Seaboard - SCL
ACL - Florida Special Florida Special. via the RF&P. Thanks for Using the Coast Line
SAL ND-UM Special Special train from Philadelphia to Miami for a ND-UM football game. November 1960
SCL Menu Lunch-dinner menu probably 1969
SAL Breakfast Menu January 1966
SCL Beverage Wines, liquor, soda, cigarettes, cigars, etc.
Northern Pacific
NCL Drinks Menu Beverage Menu - aboard the Vista-Dome
NP Traveler Rest Beverages Menu Beverage menu for from the Travellers' Rest lounge cars of the North Coast Limited
NP Traveler Rest Menu Ala carte and meals from the Travellers' Rest lounge cars of the North Coast Limited
North Coast Ltd Menu North Coast Limited Dinner menu - 1969
NP Luncheon Route of the Vista-Dome lunch menu - February 1970
Southern-NRHS Lunch Menu from the NRHS convention special 1973.
Southern Menu Post AMTRAK Southern Railway. The Southern originally did not join AMTRAK and continued to operate its passenger trains. See the notes on the last page of the menu.
Union Pacific
UP Breakfast Menu Breakfast menu with over-stamp of AMTRAK
UP Beverage Menu Beverage menu from 1961
Chicago, North Shore, & Milwaukee
CNS&M Breakfast and lunch 1961 menu
CNS&M Lunch Electroliner Lunch Menu from the collection of Frank Pfuhler

From the collection of
Frank Pfuhler

CNS&M Breakfast Electroliuner Breakfast Menu
CNS&M Table Items Electroliner Table Items
Other Railroads
Empire Builder Menu Dinner menu with a biograhphy of James J. Hill, the Empire Builder
Eire Scenic Menu for a fan trip sponsored by Railroad Enthusiasts and Railroad Magazine (now Railfan & Railroad)
Gulf Mobile & Ohio Gulf, Mobile & Ohio menu featuring the Old Cathedral, St. Louis, Mo.

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