Myrtle Ave

My earliest recollections of the NYC Transit system was the Myrtle Ave line. I remember the gate cars operating there when I was a child.

Later I watched the trains from classrooms at Brooklyn Tech and Brooklyn (back then) Polytech. Here are three pages of photos I took between 1967 and 1969.

There were a few fan tips scheduled around the abandonment in 1969. Here is the General Order for the October 4thERA Fan Trip. This was added after a discussion on Facebook about a photograph taken on October 4, 1969 at Ditmas Ave showing the special train. It is interesting to note that the TA minimized passengers riding the Q cars in the subway. They detrained at places like Broadway-Lafaette, but allowed them to ride the Franklin Shuttle through the site of the Malbone St wreck.

To complete the closure, here are the Myrtle Ave El - Out of Service General Order and the Myrtle Ave El Closing Notice

Joe's BMT Subway Album
Myrtle Jay St
Myrtle Metropolitan
Myrtle Demolition
Service Notice - Oct. 4, 1969
To Broadway-Nassau
From Broadway-Nassau

- The JoeKorNer