Prospect Park and Culver

Many believe that the IND was built to destroy the IRT and BMT lines. Why else would so many of the IND lines parallel exiting lines of the other two.

In Brooklyn, the Culver Line shared the 4th Ave subway with the other Coney Island lines, after the 5th Ave el was torn down . In 1954 the Prospect Park branch of the IND was connected to Ditmas Ave. The F train that was operating to Church Ave was cut back to Broadway Laffayette and the D tain was extended to the Culver Line. Of course this was temporary, as after Chrystie St opened, the F replaced D as the D moved to the BMT Brighton line.

The IND subway was extended into Brooklyn in stages from both Broadway Nassau and Houston St. Before the 6th Ave line was opened in 1940, the 8th Ave trains operated to Church Ave. After the 6th Ave opened the F, then the D, and finally the F again operated through Smith-9th St.

More photos added from a May 29, 2008 trip out on the line. Only one R-32 train was photographed, but two were seen. At Smith 9th St. the G trains of only four cars stop all the way at the 10 car mark, forcing passengers who are only going there to walk the length of the platform.

- The JoeKorNer