Here is a collection of photos of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Electric and Diesel locomotives. May it rust in peace as part of Conrail.

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United Aircraft Turbotrain
Items marked What's New are new photos. Most others are larger re-scans of prior photos.
Alco PA 1
Alco PA1 passenger engines were one of the fans' favorites. They were dubbed honorary steam engines (probably due to the smoke from the roof vents). This engine is in New Haven.
EP 3
The New Haven Railroad had at least three different passenger engines in the EP series. They were all equipped for NH 12,000V AC to Penn Station and NYC under-running third rail operation to Grand Central. This is an EP 3 at New Haven from the camera of Bill Armstrong.
EP 4
EP 4 at New Haven also from Bill.
EP 5
EP5 at New Haven.
What's NewEP 5 Stamford
OK, it's a PRR GG1 at Stamford
EP 5 Stamford
What's NewEP 5 Stamford
EP5 locomotive stopping at Stamford on the way to New Haven. In the background on the right is the New Caanan Shuttle.
Q Twoer EP5
EP 5 locomotive about to pass Q tower in Sunnyside Yard. The train will soon be in Penn Station, where a GG-1 will take over for the trip to Washington DC.
UA Turbo at Stamford
The United Aircraft Turbotrain in the 1970 scheme passing through Stamford, Ct.
UA Turbotrain at Baychester, NY.
What's NewUA Turbo at Stamford
Passing a turbo enroute
UA Turbo at Stamford
Same train (or another from the set) 1972 paint scheme at Boston South Station.
New London
What's NewNew London
Boston to New York trains at New London Ct
Pittsfield, MA
Pittsfield, MA

MU's and other things on the NH
Metro North 21st Century photos

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