10/27/1904 at 2:45 PM

City Hall - via Park Ave South (4th Ave) to Grand Central

Grand Central to Times Square (today's shuttle)

Times Square to 145th St Broadway

High St - When you enter it, it says "High, High, High"

Jose A. La Salle suggested 46-Bliss

Peter Cafiero suggested Wavecrest

Branch and station to the 1939 World's Fair. The line was an extension from the Jamaica Yard. It was abandoned after the fair closed in 1940.

The lower Level of 42/8th Av is not correct, since the 8th Ave line is still intact, only one track was removed from service.

95th St/ Fourth Ave in Brooklyn. Check it on a geographic map on NYC!

York St - When you enter it says "York, York, York"

Suggested by Steve Okonski: Broadway-Lafayette it says, 'Laf, Laf, Laf"

The Mineola - circa 1904

In the collection of the Shoreline Trolley Museum East Haven Ct. BERA Web Page

August Belmont - Financier of the IRT Subway

States of Kansas, Vermont, Missouri, Rhode Island and Commonwelth of Massachusetts. Also BMT experimental trains Green Hornet, Bluebirds, and Zephyr. Also IRT cars August Belmont and John MacDonald.

Fleets like the R-32 Brightliners and the Redbirds (real = R-33 and some R-36 - phoney = any other R-class painted red after overhauls) do not count.

Ninth Ave, West End (Down to Culver El)

Gun Hill Road, IRT, down from 241st Line to 3rd Ave El

Broadway Junction BMT, down from Canarsie subway to Fulton St El.

Queensboro Plaza BMT-IRT, down from upper level El trains to IRT and BMT Subway trains.
This was suggested by Jason R. DeCesare. QBP had a second double level structure to the north of the existing one today. The existing section was all IRT with 2nd Ave trains from the Queensboro Bridge and the #7 Flushing line. The demolished section was all BMT with el trains on both levels going to and from Astoria and Flushing connecting with the BMT subway from the 60th Street tunnel. Passengers arriving on the upper level BMT had to go down to the lower level if they wanted a BMT train to Flushing. The BMT subway trains relayed at a stub track near the Rawson St station.

Two main and four Yard tracks.

Parsons Blvd

Cathedral Parkway, Church Ave

Two levels Upper is Downtown - Downtown 6th Ave trains are going East; Downtown 8th Ave trains are going West

Lower is Uptown - Uptown 6th Ave trains are going West; Uptown 8th Ave are going East

These stations have side local platforms and Island Express Platforms

Connect with Railroads is wrong, since Atlantic Ave Brighton, 34th/6, and Grand Central are not included in the list, but I'll give 1 point for that.


Graham Ave

From Steve Hoskins: Knickerbocker Avenue (beer)

From Rev. Constantino Tobio: Courtlandt Street (apples)

Peter Cafiero suggested Sheepshead Bay (I gave him 1 point for his taste!)

Bill Ried suggested Frank Ave in Rockaway

Stillwell Ave - Coney Island - eight tracks four platforms

111th Street

Jose A. La Salle picked 5 stations for a full house: Queens Plaza, QueensBourough plaza, Kings Highway, Kingston-Throop, and Kingsbridge

Suggested by Jason R. DeCesare: 42, 34,W4 and Canal Streets. All have A,C,E trains stopping there.

Suggested by Roberto DiPrisco: Fulton St, having the A,2,3,4,5 stopping on various platforms.

Wilson Ave - L train - Canarsie bound is outside - Manhattan bound is underground.

'C' train from Bronx, through Manhattan and Brooklyn to Queens until 1992 cut back to Euclid Ave.

Broadway Junction, Eastern Parkway, Broadway-ENY

207th St - to Far Rockawy

241st St IRT change for A train at Park Place for Far Rockaway

South via Nassau St to meet the J and M trains

Bankers' Specials - from Coney Island and Bay Ridge to Wall St Area. The trains operated via bridge and returned via tunnel or operated via tunnel and returned via bridge. The line was called the Nassau St Loop.

Some of the service letters or numbers may have changed over the years, credit is given for any correct answers from any time period.

First Ave 14th Street L
Second Ave 6th Ave-Houston St F,(V)
Third Ave 14th Street L
138th 6
149th 2,5
Fourth Ave 9th St - IND F,(G)
Fifth Ave 53rd-IND E,M, (F)
42nd - Flushing 7
60th St BMT N,R,Q (W)
Sixth Ave 14th-Canarsie L
Seventh Ave 53rd - IND D,B,E
Ninth St - IND F,(G)
Flatbush Ave - Brighton B,Q
Eighth Ave 14th Canarsie L
Sea Beach N
Ninth Ave West End D,M

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