The NYC MetroCard

Metrocard instructions card

$1.25 1994 MC Blue
MC Blue Back
Free Transfers between bus and Subway 7/4/1997 1997 Metrocard Gold
MC Gold Back
Metrocard Gold Prepaid

MC Transfer MC Transfer
MC Transfer Back
Metrocard Student pass Student metrocard
Student metrocard
Student Half fare MC Student Half Fare
MC Student Half Fare Back
Metrocard plastic carrying case. The TA is distributing these free of charge. Metrocard plastic case
Pay per Ride $6.00 (four fares)  $6 Metrocard
Discount pay per ride $15 11 rides for price of 10  11/10 MC
Single Fare Card Sold only from MVM's. Good for only two hours from purchase.
Fun Pass $4.00 for all day rides till 3:00 AM the next day
Use the index on the left to select one of the pages showing the various Subway Tokens and MetroCards used through the years. There are also pages devoted to Special MetroCards that offer one ticket for LIRR and the subway and Other Tokens used and not used on various lnes in and around New York.
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